Summer antics – Conductus and Stockhausen

After a much appreciated Easter break, The Minster Choir is now back to its full routine of services for the Summer Term. Even though this has just begun, I am looking forward to a busy summer of singing.

On the 10 July, John Potter and I will be performing the conductus programme live for the very first time as part of the York Early Music Festival. This will be accompanied by Mick Lynch‘s new video commissioned for the project. The performance will be largely based on the Conductus I recording (which is due to be released in the Autumn), but will also feature a sneak preview of new material in preparation for the second disk which we will be recording in November. John and I are meeting in All Saints’ North Street this week to begin exploring the new facsimiles.

During June, I will begin rehearsing for a Birmingham Opera Company production of Stockhausen’s final opera, Mittwoch with Ex Cathedra. This is the final work of his opera cycle Licht, and is being produced as part of the London 2012 Festival in August. The excitement of the project lies in the fact that it will be the first time that all six parts of the work have been staged together. It is an epic piece lasting some five hours and features two choirs, flying solo instrumentalists, live electronic and acoustic music and a string quartet streamed live from four flying helicopters. The performances will take place at the Argyle Works, a former chemical plant in the middle of Birmingham, and will be directed by Graham Vick.

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