This is not California, but we hope to see beaches like this...

This is not California, but we hope to see beaches like this…

I’ve just got back from a fantastic few days in London rehearsing with Cantabile – The London Quartet. I’ll be joining them in Ventura, California next week for a show in the Ventura Music Festival. I sang with the group almost three years ago when they visited the American mid-west and am extremely pleased that they have asked me to join them for a second time. At that time, I found memorising a 90 minute show’s worth of music a huge challenge, but by the end of the 20th show I had managed it successfully. This time there is only one show, so no margin for error! Even though there is some material from before, I have had to spend a significant amount of time remembering these classics as well as memorising some newer songs in the group’s repertoire. It’s been great fun, and it was extremely satisfying to realise this work with the rest of the group this week. It was also fantastic to meet and to sing with TLQ’s new soprano, Sarah-Ann Cromwell who is absolutely brilliant!

Next stop, California!

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