Bratislava and beyond

The Three Medieval Tenors had a fantastic time in Bratislava at the beginning of the week. We sang in the Dóm sv. Martina to a packed house and the feedback we received was very positive. This is polyphony as you’ve never heard it before and can be quite a weird experience for some, but the audience seems to have found it hypnotic and moving. If you understand Slovak, there is a short film about the show! 

For us, it was great to be doing it again after a bit of a hiatus, and it was a really positive start to a busier year ahead. It was also great to have time to hang out with Josef Luptak and Miloš Valent. Our next performance will be at the Beverley Early Music Festival on the 21st May. There haven’t been any further date confirmations since my last post, but I’ll keep you informed as they come in.

I’m now in London rehearsing Carl Orf’s Carmina Burana with Ex Cathedra and Birmingham Royal Ballet. The show opens this evening at the London Coliseum and runs until Saturday (with a matinée). Surprising, I have never sung this piece before, but know it well; it was the first classical recording I was ever given and remember listening to it constantly. I was always so enthralled by the sheer scale and impact of the music. The rehearsals have definitely lived up to those expectations so far, and I imagine that the ballet will only enhance the experience further. If you’re unable to make the London shows, we will be doing another run in Birmingham in June.

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