20120824-141845.jpgTonight is the penultimate performance of Stochhausen’s epic opera Mittwoch Aus Licht which is being produced by Birmingham Opera, in which I play a parliamentarian in the World Parliament scene performed by Ex Cathedra. While I intend to write more extensively about what an extraordinary experience this has been, in the meantime I thought you might be interested in reading some of the reviews which the show has received so far!

The Daily Telegraph
‘I was both exasperated and enchanted, bored and riveted. Best of all is the World Parliament scene: voluptuous, melismatic and polyrhythmic, it shimmers ecstatically … High praise is due to the director Graham Vick and his colleagues who have devised a flamboyantly imaginative and rigorously executed staging in a disused warehouse, to the superb instrumentalists and to the choirs of Ex Cathedra and London Voices. Whatever one’s ambivalence about the musical content, this is a magnificent show.’

The Guardian
‘the extraordinary a capella World Parliament, wonderfully performed by the Birmingham-based choir Ex Cathedra perched high in umpires’ chairs around the edge of the performing space’

The Arts Desk
‘Ex Cathedra … ululated and chanted with immense power and precision, and conjured a sustainably captivating theatre from thin air.’

The Stage
‘Highlights include the virtuosic choral singing of Ex Cathedra in the World Parliament scene’

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