Happy New Year

IMG_3003A belated Happy New Year to all! 12 days in, and things seem to be going well so far. I’ve had a birthday, filed my tax return, begun the new term with the Choir of York Minster and resumed my teaching practice again. My diary is up-to-date and I’ve even had an enquiry about dates in 2016! But lets not get ahead of ourselves…

2015 is shaping up to be the year in which we get to tour the Conductus project. The Three Medieval Tenors – John Potter, Rogers Covey-Crump and I are finalising dates with about a dozen promoters in the UK and Europe, many of which will include workshops with Mark Everist to further the appreciation and understanding of this remarkable repertoire. Until now, we have been engaged as researchers for an academic project, the outcomes of which have included two recordings (released by Hyperion) based on the project’s research findings. While we have managed a few performances, this year will be an opportunity to really get this music heard. Live performance will allow us the opportunity to push the improvisatory elements of these pieces even further. We are also expecting the final volume of the Conductus recordings (Vol. III) to be released in the summer.

IMG_3002The rest of 2015 includes (so far) the premier of pieces by James MacMillan and Roxanna Panufnick with Ex Cathedra (31 January), performances of Carmina burana with Ex Cathedra and Birmingham Royal Ballet (19-21 March, London Colluseum, 17-20 June, Birmingham Hippodrome), as well as performances with the Brabant Ensemble and others. There are several performances still in the pipeline of which I will be able to tell you more in due course, including a couple of projects that I have instigated. Performances are likely to include works by the likes of Lang, Pärt, Gesualdo, Finzi, Dowland, Bryars, Dove and Praetorious among others. It’s going to be an exciting time!

I would love to hear from anyone who happens to read this; if you want to find out more about any these projects, have comments about the blog or just want to say hi, please do get in touch.

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