Conductus reviews

I am delighted to say that the Conductus Vol. 1 recording which was released by Hyperion in September has begun to receive some rather favourable reviews. Unfortunately not all are available online, but I have included some extracts below along with links to those that are.


There have been remarkably few recordings of the conductus repertory – those marvellous settings of mainly accentual Latin goliardic poetry from the years around 1200 … John Potter is one of the most experienced singers in the world for this kind of music and he is magically balanced by the glorious voice of the much younger Christopher O’Gorman. For the three-voice pieces the still impeccable Rogers Covey-Crump joins them … These are seriously classy performances.

The Observer

What is, or are, conductus? The body of anonymous medieval songs, usually sacred but not liturgical and mostly forgotten, flowered in France in the mid-13th century around the time of the Notre Dame school. This new Hyperion disc … should reawaken interest in this beguiling repertory. The poems are about life, death, salvation and, naturally, the frail virtues of women. (“He who strives to keep and lock in a roving young woman/Is washing a brick.”) Three tenors – John Potter, Christopher O’Gorman and Rogers Covey-Crump – deliver these explorations with unerring skill and conviction

Classical Music Magazine

I found Christopher O’Gorman’s tenor, with a tonal spectrum wide enough to hold the interest without gilding the lily, very pleasing.

Musicweb International

The tenors, Rogers Covey-Crump, Christopher O’Gorman and John Potter eschew effect, reverberation and atmosphere in this hour of highly satisfying singing. They favour substance. In the first place, every word, every syllable, is clear. Distinct yet gentle French Latin pronunciation is employed. They simply trust the honest exuberance of the conductus … and it works.

John Potter, Rogers Covey-Crump and I are heading back to the NCEM In January to record Volume 2 and will therefore have a substantial amount of material under our belts ready for live performance. If you are interested in booking a two or three voice programme, please contact Robert White Artist Management on

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